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Musician. Composer. Teacher. Conductor.

Bristol. Songwriter. Producer. Arranger.

Pianos. Guitars. Singing. Choirs.

Gaming. Coding. Learning. Smiling.


To me, music is an exceptionally physical thing.


Not just in terms of the requirements - pianists need strong backs, guitarists need asbestos fingers, singers need refined core muscles - but in its shape, its form, its texture. It can knock us down, lift us up, wrap around us like the warmest blanket. It can be sharp, it can be smooth, it can be angular. For me it’s hard not to think of music in terms of construction, architecture, statement.


This informs all my practices; my compositions, my teaching, my conducting, all revolve around carving this thing called sound into something with definition. While it’s clearly abstract to think of something sonic as something solid, it’s this fundamental principle that helps clarify what I think is best for the music, and for those who are performing it or looking to learn about it.


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Since I left full-time programming to be a freelance musician in 2015 I’ve had the pleasure of working with a number of wonderful ensembles and groups in various capacities. These roles have ranged from musical director of a junior theatre company to composer and sound designer for a videogame studio to co-site manager of a music school, and I’m always looking for the next challenge.


As an instrumentalist my main disciplines are in guitar, piano and singing, developed through a chorister upbringing and teenage Radiohead obsession. A passion for theatre has led me to be involved in writing music for as many variations on the media as possible, from radio plays to Shakespeare adaptations, and I’ve been lucky enough to have conducted string orchestras, choirs and more recently led entire musicals!


While I try to be as open-eared as possible, my musical foundations are typically built around classical (Thomas Adès), electronic (Amon Tobin) and jazz (Albert Ayler). I believe that all music is for all people and that pieces and styles are only ‘complex’ and ‘weird’ when we’re told that they are. I also believe that one’s never too young to listen, and never too old to learn.


If I can help you with anything at all, please let me know.



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