Cursed Hands: Dead In The Water - EP Launch

Cursed Hands by Dead In The Water: EP Artwork

Cursed Hands by Dead In The Water: EP Artwork

 Around two years ago a chat was had, and the result of this chat was that I was going to record and produce an EP for Meirion Boudier’s musical project “Dead In The Water”.

A recording session was had; we set-up a mattress in a room to act as a sound booth, we used two microphones and a line input from the guitar, and we captured the foundations of the EP - the instrumental twelve string magic which Mei’s been hurling at listeners in South Wales for the past few years, and the kind of magic that I’ve improvised along to on many occasions (we’ve performed together around 30 times, and we only rehearsed before gig 29). Then it was captured forever, or at least until the hard drive died or someone pressed delete.

After this initial session, a lot of time passed. Life found a way of messing with the map. Then, in a fit of proactivity, I started working on the arrangements. It was strange to solidify these abstract patterns which I’d just enjoyed making up every time we’d play; like choosing which doodle would become the landscape. But solidify they did, and with small nudges and directions from Mei they gradually formed into the background, the underscore to the guitar’s stories. We even added actual words written and spoken by actual Meirion, which feature on the closing track. One of Meirion’s other various collaborators, Thoby Davies, also threw his bowed four strings into the mix, recording a vast number of full track takes which were then tempered into shape for the final object.

And then there was the final session, a final listen through, and an incredibly surreal realisation that it was 665 days since we’d done that first recording session. Meirion said he’d sleep on it, then we’d call it what it was.

Dead In The Water’s “Cursed Hands” EP was finished. On May 18th it'll be released at The Moon, Cardiff

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