This week I have mostly been... (27th March)

These images are my favourite parts of these posts...

These images are my favourite parts of these posts...

After losing Monday to the end of a wonderful weekend away, it’s been a rushed week trying to fit everything in. The main things this week have been more of a focus on “Little Shop of Horrors”, preparing to accompany for upcoming ABRSM exams and spare time being used for more web development.

Little Shop Of Horrors

- Rehearsals are really picking up for Billboard Junior’s upcoming production; the chorus is sounding fantastic and the soloists are really making the piece their own. It’s such a pleasure to be working on one of my favourite musicals with such an enthusiastic ensemble and the DIY props are looking incredible - look out, here comes Audrey II!

Exam Season

- One of my Grade 3 (ABRSM) piano pupils sat their exam and, after a last minute push of intense practicing, did themselves proud. We’ll find out the results in the next few weeks.

- I’ve been rehearsing with a number of Rachel Louise March’s Grade 1 (ABRSM) singing pupils preparing to accompany for their exams. Always a pleasure to hear Rachel’s pupils sing and I’m looking forward to their big day next week!

Website development

- Compositions (renamed from ‘Portfolio’): Added 'Shuffle' button to the page; the idea here is to show more of the pieces in the Compositions without having to scroll around the page itself.

- Services: Rejigged the page to have first draft details of the categories of work I do - Composition, Musical Direction, Tuition and Other.

- Clients: Added filter to show the different categories of work I do.

I’m considering dropping these updates down to each month, but I do find them useful, even just for me, to keep a log of what’s been happening (you’d think I’d just keep a diary…). I guess the next few objectives would be: 

- Write a new blog every week

- Write a new piece of music every week

- Sort out my bike. It’s really not in a good place right now!

We'll see what next week brings.

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