This Week I Have Mostly Been.... (20th March '17)

This blog post is brought to you by this awesome owl.

This blog post is brought to you by this awesome owl.

This week’s largely been based around Footloose, the Clod Ensemble and trying to do more with Django:


I’ve had a great week playing for St Julian’s School, Newport in their production of Footloose. It’s great to see such enthusiasm and passion from a secondary school cast who all pushed themselves to give the best performances they could, night after night. This was my third time playing for this show and the third part I’ve played - Guitar 2, Guitar 1 and now Keys 1!

The Clod Ensemble

Following from a call for singers, I participated in two workshops of a new work-in-progress by the Clod Ensemble, a London-based performance arts company. Working with artistic directors Paul Clark and Suzy Wilson, we sang (and memorised) some snippets of choral works, then worked on some physical responses/dances/movement to the work. It was an utter joy to be a part of such a wonderful, creative and supportive company and I strongly suggest you check out their upcoming projects!


Since my site is built in Mezzanine CMS, a platform built on Django (a Python Web framework) I’ve been trying to learn more about how it all works. This has lead to the creation of two new apps for the site - Clients and Performances. The goal for these is to better display the work I do, in terms of the ‘who’ and ‘when’. It’s been a huge learning curve to build things which on the surface seem so simple, and one which has been hugely rewarding. I’m really looking forward to further developing these areas and the site as a whole… just as soon as I work out how to do it!

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