This week I have mostly been... (24th Sept)

Final night of Concept Players's "Shout!", where I was MDing from the keyboard while cueing sound effects - photo by Malcolm Jackson

Final night of Concept Players's "Shout!", where I was MDing from the keyboard while cueing sound effects - photo by Malcolm Jackson


It’s been one of the busiest few weeks in memory, and here I am fighting a cold trying to recap on everything that’s happened.


Concept Players

Of most note is that on Saturday night the final curtain fell on Concept Players’s two week run of “Shout!”, and with that curtain came the end of my time as Musical Director with Concept Players. Due to moving to Keynsham I decided to leave all my evening-based Cardiff commitments (including being Musical Director for Billboard Juniors), and this has been the last of such roles.


Being MD for such a gifted, hard-working and creative amateur dramatics group (again, amatear in name alone, as I described Selsig Operatic Society a few months back) was an absolute joy throughout; such ensembles are really pushing South Wales-based Musical Theatre performances, which I feel are some of the strongest in the UK. Shout! itself was a really great show that truly came to life on the stage and, even without the emotional baggage of its finality, will be remembered fondly as one of my favourite shows that I’ve had the pleasure to be involved with.



My partner and I have left Cardiff and have set-up camp in Keynsham, Bristol; a vibrant gem of a town with real character and a real sense of possibility. While I’ve already started taking on some private pupils (teaching piano, guitar and singing) I’ve also started discussing possible projects with representatives from Community at 67, Phoenix Youth Theatre Group and The Space. Watch this space!



What else has happened?

  • Played bass, guitar and sang backing vocals for a 14-piece Divine Comedy tribute band (“The Bad Ambassadors”) at Gwdihw, Cardiff
  • Page turned in Cheltenham Town Hall for Chris Gibbons (Clarinet) and Sandie Middleton (Piano) in a concert comprising of both Brahms Clarinet Sonata
  • Interviewed and auditioned for a pre-school age music tuition post
  • Finished my first decently paid composition project (though nothing else can be said about that at time of writing).
  • Started discussing writing vocal arrangements for a brilliant singer
  • Started songwriting again, which is a welcome return

Lots of spaces to be watched. From tomorrow, things will start to get a little more uncertain; I'm looking forward to it.

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