Here is an assortment of various pieces I've written over the years, spanning a wide range of genres, media and aesthetics.
Stay awhile and listen.

Primarily written during my time at Cardiff University, these are pieces written for the concert hall stage. These are live performance recordings of some of the instrumental, choral and vocal works that I'm most pleased with.
Samples of scores from various film scores I've written and produced; these range from piano improvisations to electronic soundscapes to digital orchestrations
Excerpts from video game scores I've worked on, primarily for Blind Sky Studios.
Audio tracks written to be played on repeat for as long as the client requires. These are typically of minimum of 30 seconds, and were written in an hour as an exercise for myself!
Here are some of my most recent releases
Pieces composed as accompaniment for theatrical productions; examples here include music for live performance and also electro-acoustic works.
Pieces with YouTube hosted visuals
Bits and pieces, odds and sods; the pieces that don't yet fit any particular puzzle.

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